Hike towards the valley with the ancient olive trees


Hidden in the heart of Aegina island, there is an unknown, small valley with ancient olive trees. So well hidden, that not even all of the locals are aware of it.  It has been estimated, that the olive trees there, are more than 1500 years old. Today, this little valley is a place for some shepherd to take their sheep to. But it is also a perfect destination for people, who want to see a different, unique side of Aegina. An opportunity for a one day hiking trip and a picnic under these ancient olive trees.

Two Artists - One Story

In 2007 two artists from Aegina, Demetra Karakosti and Steve Brown published an album, which tries to illustrate through several posters and poems (by Alexandros Karakostis) the drama, romanticism, wisdom, history and tradition of this ancient symbol, the olive trees. An exhibition was sponsored by Elais Uniliver, a greek olive oil company. The exhibition took place in the Gallery of Piraeus.

Part Of The Album "Olive Trees And The Gods


Σε μια κρυμμενη κοιλαδα στην Αιγινα υπαρχει ενας ξεχασμενος Ελαιωνας.
Είναι μαγεια αν μπορεις μια μερα, ετσι ξαφνικα, στον καθημερινο σου κοσμο να
νιωσεις ότι κατι είναι αλλοιως.
Και καθως περπατας απλα σε έναν ελαιωνα με αιωνοβιες ελιες να νοιωσεις ξαφνiκα πως εχουn ματια και σε κοιτουν, αυτια και ακoυνε την ψυχη σου. [..]
Ημουν εκει σε ένα μερος που λενε ότι ερχεται από την αρχαιοτητα.
Αισθανθηκα τοτε ότι το σχημα κάθε κορμου, πηρε ην μορφη ενός αρχαιου θεου….Αρχισα να καλω τα ονοματα των θεων που εβλεπα![..]

Part from the book-album:


It is magic, really magic, when you can walk about in your everyday world and then suddenly see something you’ve never seen before, in such a different way that it inspires you.
In a hidden valley on the island of Aegina .there is a forgotten olive tree grove, where they say the trees are from ancient times, and as we walked amongst them we began to sense them looking us, listening to us, almost waiting for us to be there so they could reveal themselves. They told us the story of history, of mythology and of man. [..]

As we stood in this place of eternity we started to recognize in the forms of the trees the Gods of mythology. Here is Aphrodite, here is Athena in her flowing gowns, Paris and Eleni and Demetra! [..]

By Steve Brown & Demetra Karakosti (Images - Photography) - Alexandros.F. Karakostis (Poems)

 All rights reserved. 

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