Activities on Aegina Island

You will be surprised by how many different ways you can spend your time on Aegina. When you have had enough of good food next to the sea and lying on the beaches perhaps is time to try one of these activities. 

Moni Isle - A family friendly picturesque destination  


Moni isle is a small paradise, ideal for families and couples, only 10 minutes by boat from Perdika port. There, you can enjoy the sea, the nature, the wild deer and peacocks. You can make a picnic under the pine trees, swim in the crystal clear waters or try fishing. If you like hiking, you can follow the path to the top of the hill, where an old watch tower is located. There is also a beach bar.

Location: Perdika Aegina.


Cruises and Boat Trips- In remote isles around Aegina 


Villa Rodanthos can help you organize a one day cruise around the island of Aegina and Agistri, Poros or Hydra. You will have the chance to swim and relax in the turquoise waters of Aponissos isle, fishing or hiking in the isle of Dorousa and snorkel in different spots. For qualified divers there is also the option to rent equipment and visit interesting diving spots, such as a ship wreck.

Location: Aegina.

More information:




Massage - Enjoy some time of relaxation 


Villa Rodanthos cooperates with a number of professional masseurs and Reiki masters on Aegina island. Upon request we can organize for you a wellness afternoon taken place in our hotel.

Location: Perdika village - Villa Rodanthos.


Easy Horse Riding - In the old navy fortress 


Villa Rodanthos cooperates with a number of local horse owners and can organize for you an afternoon of a horse ride. You can either choose to make your ride in  the hills of Aeginitissa, an area with eucalyptus trees and reed fields , 3km from Perdika or in the old navy fortress close to Perdika village. This activity is ideal for people with no or little experience in horse riding, who want to have a first contact with it.

Location: Perdika village/ Aeginitissa. 

When: During the week after 17:30p.m/Weekends..


Camera Obscura - See the world upside down!


Combine a nice, short stroll in the country side in the old navy base of Perdika with a visit to Camera Obscura. Camera Obscura was installed in 2003 as a part of the Light and Image Exhibition. It is a seven-meter spherical chamber with 12 small openings. As exterior light enters through the openings, the interior is illuminated with panoramic images seeping in from outside.

Location: Perdika village/ Aeginitissa. 

When: Open during day light.

Cost: Entry free.



Hiking - From Perdika to Portes village 



Numerous tracks lead you through the island to ancient temples, old forgotten churches, hidden beaches and fields with ancient olive trees. We recommend the path from Sfedouri, a small village near Perdika, to Portes. In this part of the island there are no signs of civilization and is ideal to experience the typical mediterranean landscape. On the way you will have the opportunity to follow different paths leading to a remote beach or to the ruins of the ancient temple of Zeus. For more information about different path on Aegina feel free to ask Villa Rodanthos. 

Location: Perdika village.

How to get there: Transfer to the starting point in Sfedouri village.

Cost: free. 


Scuba Diving - Discover Forgotten Ship Wrecks 


If you are a qualified diver (PADI), there is also the possibility to rent equipment and visit interesting diving spots around Aegina, such as a ship wreck.

Location: Aegina.

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Fishing - Together with a local fisherman 


Go fishing with a local fisherman and his boat. For more information feel free to ask Villa Rodanthos.

Location: Perdika village.



Biking - Here and there 


Aegina is an ideal destination for biking. Long, endless roads next to the coast circle (almost!) the island. In the inner parts soil roads lead to fields with old olive trees and remote villages. You can visit the nearby beaches of Klima, Aiginitissa and Marathonas.  

Location: Perdika.






Open Air Cinema - Under the stars with pizza 


Get a second chance to watch movies you missed during the last winter. In the town of Aegina every summer operate three "summer" open air cinemas.

The movies are in english (greek subtitles). Buy a pizza, souvlaki and a beer and relax under the stars of Aegina sky.


Location: Aegina town.

How to come back after the movie: In the town of Aegina there are always available taxis. Alternatively contact in advance with Villa Rodanthos to arrange your transfer.





Sightseeing - Temples 


The most famous and well preserved temple on the island is the one of Afaia. To go there you can take the bus from the town of Aegina or the adventurous ones can try biking. The ruins of the temple of Apollon (Kolona), next to the main port of Aegina together with the Archaeological Museum of the island is also worth-visiting. Lastly, the tower of Marcelus in the center of Aegina very often hosts art exhibitions from local artists. For more information feel free to ask Villa Rodanthos. 

Location: Aegina island.

Religion - St. Nectarios and Palaioxora


The Orthodox church and monastery of St.Nectarios is located about 6km from the center of Aegina town. A bit further, on the other side of the hill, the traveller can find Palaioxora. An area with around 20 surviving small churches with interesting, religious paintings. Get some water, hat and lots of will and explore each of them! 

Location: Aegina island. How to get there: by bus from the town of Aegina.

Visit the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital - And Volunteer


At the foot of the hill descending from Lazarides, one comes across the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (HWH). This is the first organization in Greece to obtain official permission to possess, treat, transport and release all species of indigenous wildlife. Hundreds of volunteers from Greece and elsewhere have gained an unforgettable experience by taking part in different activities organized by the HWH. All those who are interested in contributing to wildlife protection and maintaining the cleanliness of the facilities can be put up by the HWH, where they may gain an unforgettable experience by working with the animals (source:

Location: Aegina island. 

How to get there: by car

More information: here!

Museums you should visit


While on holidays on Aegina, you might find it interesting to visit one or more of the museums of the island. The archaeological museum of Kolona and the historical and folklore museum of Aegina are located inside the town. The art museum of Christos Kapralos is situated just some km outside the town, while you might find it nice to take a walk to the old navy base in Perdika.

More information for the museums of Aegina here!



Basketball and football - All time classic


In the village of Perdika there is a basketball and one 5x5 football field. Take your ball and get going.


Location: Perdika village.

Cost: free.







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