So, What's The Aegina Story?

Aegina's close distance to the vibrant city of Athens and its all year round mild climate, makes the island an ideal four seasons destination.
It takes only one hour by conventional boats and 45 minutes by speed boats to be in the so-called "floating - suburb" of Athens.
Offering all the luxuries, which you can find in a suburb of a city, still Aegina feels like a country side big village.
For most of the Athenians, it is a small paradise. A weekend escape destination and more, where couples and families can enjoy nature and sports, good seafood, partying, art and much more.
Many young couples come here to
get married under the blue sky and deep red sunsets of Perdika village. Others combine their holidays together with medical treatment.
Here, you can stroll in the town of Aegina and in the picturesque village of Perdika, swim in clean, warm waters, hike through ancient olive fields, go to beach parties till sunrise, enjoy winter evenings of jazz and rock music and many more things. Each season is different.

Spring & Summer

During Spring Aegina's country side "floods" with margaritas and poppies. Nature wakes up and it seems like the perfect time for long walks on the coast, barbecue on the beaches, fishing and biking. At this time, the Carnival of Aegina takes place. One  day of partying, eating and celebrating brings a different atmosphere on the island and prepares everybody for the Summer. Orthodox Easter, also during Spring, is another big celebration and definitely a "different" experience for foreigners. Fireworks,  religious night walks through narrow streets by the light of candles, sound of bells and monasteries create a mysterious atmosphere, worth experiencing.

Summer finds the island at its best. Beautiful beaches with blue waters, small fishing tavernas next to the sea, open air cinemas, bars, beach parties week by week and night swimming is some of the few things someone can try. The music festival of Aegina, the small art exhibitions all around the town and the full moon of August, on the Ancient temple of Afaia are some of the things not to be missed.



Autumn & Winter

In Autumn, the tourists on  the island gradually get fewer. At this time you can enjoy all the benefits of Summer just by your self. The busy period is over! The weather is not that hectic but still pleasant enough for swimming and sitting outside for Ouzo and meze. In Autumn, the Pistachio festival takes place. A three day festival, dedicated to the local but widely renowned pistachios from Aegina.
It is the mild climate of the island together with the short distance from Athens that make Aegina, just ideal even in Winter. Some say: "No crowds. No high temperatures. Just the right time to hike and bike around the island." And in the evenings you can  spend your time in small, rustic bars with good music  or tavernas, play table games or watch a movie.

What ever reason you visit Greece/Athens, tourism, business, cultural, medical etc, get the chance to combine your visit with the friendly locals of Aegina. Villa Rodanthos will ensure you have a great time and promises you, it will be a memorable experience. You will discover that Aegina is an island to come back to.

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