Beaches on Aegina

Aegina has several beaches all around the island. The most famous and cleanest ones are located on the southern part of the island near the village of Perdika and Aeginitissa. From there you can visit the spectacular, green isle of Moni, bike  to Mourioti beach, walk to Sarpa beach or dive in the deep waters of the rocky coast of Perdika. The adventurous ones can hike to the remote village of Portes and try to reach to the secret, small beach of Kipoi.

Aeginitissa Beach 


Aiginitissa is only 2km walk from Perdika. It is a beautiful sandy beach with sun beds and a snack bar. The eucalyptus trees, which reach next to the sea, together with the turquoise water create a beautiful scenery. On the beach there is organized area to play beach rackets.

Location: 2km from Perdika
Type: Sandy, Organized
How to get there: bike, walk
Tip: Only 5min from the beach there is an amazing fish tavern directly next to the sea.

Mourioti (Klima) Beach 

A  remote gulf with a sandy beach and turquoise waters. Ideal for games in the sea, snorkeling and underwater fishing. The road leading to the beach is through some hills with amazing views to the blue. Ideally, it can be combined with biking.

Location: ​3.5km from Perdika village
Type: sandy, Organized
How to get there: (motor)bike, car, walk
Tip: ​After 17:00 most of the people leave. That time is ideal to have a nice picnic and enjoy the silence.

Moni Isle 

The isle is only 8 minutes by boat from Perdika. A big part of it is covered by pine trees. The deep, clean waters are ideal for swimming, underwater fishing and games in the sea.

Location: ​opposite Perdika village
Type: differente places (there is small sandy beach-organized and also rocky little golfs)
How to get there: fishing boats take you to the isle
Tip: ​Organize a picnic under the shades of the pine trees with the amazing view to the blue sea.

Rocky coast of Perdika 

The rocky coast of Perdika is a well organized, with stony paths and piers spot, where couples can spend some time under the shadow of the almirikia trees or swimming  and snorkeling in the deep, cold waters. You can enter the beach from the two available piers. In case you get hungry, some of the best tavernas of the island are in walking distance (3minutes).

Location: ​Perdika village
Type: rocky, not organized
How to get there: 5 minutes walking from Villa Rodanthos
Tip: ​A romantic spot for couples in the night!​

Sarpa beach 

Sarpa beach is only 1km far away from Perdika. It is famous for the clean waters and the well organized beach bar, where you can get coffee or a drink.

Location: ​Perdika village
Type: sandy, organized
How to get there: 15 minutes walking from Villa Rodanthos
Tip: ​During the week there are not many people on the beach.

Marathonas A & Marathonas B 

Marathonas A and B are two beaches you will find on your way from the town Aegina to Perdika. Both of them are organized, sandy beaches with nearby snack bars, tavernas and coffee places. The waters here are shallow and safe for young children. It is an ideal place to spend your day, playing games or eating in one of the restaurants close to the sea.

Location: ​5km from Perdika village
Type: sandy, organized
How to get there: Bus, bike
Tip: ​During Spring and Autumn people often make barbecues or fly a kite on the beach.

Beach on Portes village 

Portes is a remote fishing village next to the sea. The village is located far away from all the other places on Aegina. From Perdika there is no road for cars leading to the village. Someone can hike there through the mountains. The beach in Portes is with pebbles and some trees on one side and on the other side there is a sandy part. 

Location: ​Portes village
How to get there: car/bus from Aegina town, hike from Perdika
Tip: ​There is a small harbor and some fishing tavernas you could eat.

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